Lm13700 схема лимитера

lm13700 схема лимитера
Not only can it handle astonishingly large signals, but it has an incredible bandwidth of over 20 KHz. No detail in your guitar’s tone will be lost. For example, just changing the 9.52k resistor to 10k increases the distortion by 3 times! Дает выброс 3 дБ на частоте раздела. 3 Фильтры третьего порядка отличаются тем, что обеспечивают достаточно высокую степень разделения при все еще приемлемых ФЧХ и ГВЗ. Наиболее перспективны в большинстве устройств. This rather limits the usefulness of diodes as a gain control element, although the circuit shown has minimal CV feed-through provided the diodes are perfectly matched for forward voltage and provided they are be very well thermally coupled. For speech compression/ limiting used with communications transmitters or announcement public address it would not be sensible to use a highly specified laser trimmed VCA chip, because an OTA is all that’s needed. The threshold is usually variable, so you can set the maximum output level to suit the equipment being driven.

Unfortunately, the dynamic resistance is a non-linear function of forward current, and this is the reason for the relatively high distortion. As noted above, just 100uA is enough to cause the dynamic resistance to fall from almost many megohms to around 100 ohms. Some are original schematics of some of the best known units around, some are (or appear to be) a work-in-progress, while others are best described as abortions of the highest order. The idea is that the incoming audio is fed through a fast switch (such as a CMOS 4066 quad bilateral switch) that is controlled using a variable duty-cycle control voltage.

Dies geschieht mit T3. Noch bevor diese 3.5 VDC unterhalb -Ub erreicht wird, leitet T3, — also im bergangsbereich wo die Schaltung in den Limiterbereich umschaltet. Unlike the traditional op-amp, it has two additional biasing inputs, Iabc and Ibias, explained in Basic operation and Subsequent improvements, below. With so much headroom no ordinary guitar will manage this, but if the signal happens to be boosted before hand then it could be a problem. To fix this, a pair of standard red LEDs can be added in antiparallel as shown.

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